is Anthem accredited?

We do not offer accredited and transferrable credits to any other college or institution although, the courses we offer are college-level courses. The classes we offer are taught by high-caliber teachers with years of theological and pastoral experience and believe in pouring into the next generation of pastors and leaders. 

does anthem go on a missions trip?

Yes, every year we go on a missions trip for two weeks in the month of May that is fundraised by each student individually. The cost of the missions trip is dependent on the chosen location for that year. In previous years we have traveled to Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cambodia, and a tour across the U.S. 

how much does the program cost?

The cost of our program varies on which year you are in. The first year tuition is $4,500 with a deposit of $1,000 due by July 31st, the summer before your year starts. The second year program's tuition is $2,000 with a deposit of $750, also due by July 31st. 

does anthem have any age restrictions?

We look to accept students between the ages of 18 and 25.

Where do i live during anthem?

Throughout the duration of the program, students are allowed to stay at home if they are eligible. If students are from out of town or do not want to live at home, we can have the student placed in a host home. We do not provide on-site housing.

Can i work a job while enrolled in anthem?

Yes! We encourage that all students have a job during the program for the three days off that we provide for students to work a part-time job. 

can i be in a relationship or married while being in Anthem?

Anthem students are not allowed to be in a dating relationship or married while being in Anthem. We ask that first year students choose to fast relationships for the duration of the program. For our second years, they are allowed to be in a dating relationship under the approval and direction of the Anthem Staff.