Work Days 1 and 2

With a solemn goodbye to Hotel Cara and Phnom Penh, we departed for Krava, our church community center, where we would be beginning our work project.

The bus ride took us through what is called "Spider City," where the group (Gabe and Allie in particular) experienced new foods like grasshoppers, crickets, maggots, and even a tarantula! After a few other brief stops we arrived at our hotel for the week, Thmor Da Guest House. Seeing most of the signs and papers in the room almost completely in Khmer was a friendly reminder we were no longer in the capital city. Next was to head to the home.

An open gate and twenty or so orphans greeted us with friendly smiles and bows as we exited the bus. The people led us into their building where we sat to watch the children sing a couple songs. Eventually joining them in worship, we were again reminded that nationality, language and culture cannot prevent God’s people from worshiping him in unity together.

The group was welcomed by the pastor of the Krava who thanked God for the extra help and made us at home in the house. We and everybody in the room had a chance to introduce ourselves.

Next was the best part of the day. Work began with us all being divided into different jobs to help build the fence. Doing our best to assist the Cambodian people, they showed us how fence-building is done. We dug holes, built forms and rebars to support the fence, and, luckily, still had some time to play with the kids.

Tired and sweaty bodies wasn’t enough to keep us from playing games and chasing around the kids for a while. Karson and others switched immediately from work mode to fun mode, playing tag with kids all over the property.

A little more time with the kids and it was time to go. After some delicious dinner at a restaurant PiRom our bus driver found for us, we returned to Thmor Da to rest and recuperate for Day 3.

Working the second day was longer, and thanks to rainstorms cooling us off, very productive. Over fifty posts were put into the ground due to the combined effort of the Cambodians and our group. The orphans could not have been more helpful as they also cheerfully worked with us, moving rocks, getting trash, and giving out water.

After some dinner the group encouraged one another and got some rest at Thmor Da. Getting prepared for more work tomorrow, stay tuned for the next update coming tomorrow for Work Day 3!