Kids, Community, and Coconuts


Another great morning at Cara Hotel where we set off for Kampong Speu Province, where various homes were meeting for a party to celebrate with all their kids.

A couple of hours from Phnom Penh, the church had over sixty orphan children present for the day, most of which from other communities, some several hours away.

We were welcomed immediately with a “Jiem reap sua” by friendly and loving adults and children we grew to love by the time we had to leave. The language barrier couldn’t stop the fun we would have!

After sharing in some prayer and worship with the kids, pastors and other staff, the first years had the opportunity to perform their (thanks to Maddie) well-prepared dance to Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off." Naturally, only Brad had the song downloaded on his phone so we could dance with the kids.

Lunch was amazing! We enjoyed curry and fish that the Cambodians generously prepared for us, along with some sweet coconut juice, straight from the coconut! Pastor Tim recommended that we tried to pour Fanta into a coconut to give it some extra flavor, but since Bethany couldn't find any she poured Coca-Cola into it and christened it "Coke-onut." Necessity is the mother of invention, they say.

We spent the rest of the day hanging out with the kids. Dancing, soccer (with the professional Camron Masters), and coloring were only a few of the activities we spent the day with them.

After a seemingly short yet unforgettable time with the orphans came the worst part of the day: saying goodbye. After taking countless polaroid photos the kids kept to remember the party, we hugged and waved them all goodbye as we piled back into the bus for Phnom Penh, where we (especially Yanna) spent time talking and encouraging one another.

After some pizza and wings at The Pizza Company, with food indistinguishable from the best of American food, we got back to the hotel by 8:30. After all the running around with the kids, sleep was the only thing on our minds. Getting rest for our big work project starting tomorrow. Thanking God for a great day and excited for more.

Keep checking each day for more!