Sunday, Sunday, Sunday


We had our first day in Pnhom Penh!

A spectacular breakfast from Hotel Cara set us up for today's exploring of Phnom Penh. We began our Sunday attending the morning service of Foursquare Children of Promise (FCOP)

We didn't need to know the Khmer language to know these people's heart for God and His people in their community. We worshipped with them and experienced the service, later being introduced to the staff and children on the property.

In an experience Brad described rightly as "sweaty," we played tag, karate fights and "Quack-dilly-o-so" with the orphans of the church for an unforgettable hour!

With many of our new friends tagging along, team lead Sam Tolle gave us a tour of the FCOP Training Center. We were amazed by their great work to provide for each other and the orphans, many of us buying some of their elegantly crafted purses and bags to take with us. All of the proceeds go into a college fund for the kids who made them!

From the church we left for lunch at Mike's Burgers, an American-style restaurant with fries arguably better than most in the States.

From lunch we left for the Toul Sleng genocide museum, where we were immersed in the remnants of a 1970's Khmer Rouge prison. A former high school, the facility was used for unspeakable kinds of imprisonment, torture, and dehumanization that words cannot begin to describe. We were soberly reminded of the presence of true evil in our world and were able to spend some time in thought about the events that have taken place in this country.

After enjoying some rest and dinner at a local restaurant, we headed back to the hotel to catch up on sleep and prepare for traveling to different homes tomorrow, having an opportunity to connect with more people and possibly help out wherever we can.

Everybody is healthy and excited to keep going on for what God has next for us!

Stay tuned for more!