We Made It!


“A good start!” As Jessica Schmitt would say. After saying goodbye to loved ones and spending time praying and encouraging one another, we crammed into our Living Water Shuttle for SeaTac. Airport! Bustling with crowds as always, we made it through security and baggage with no trouble (although we may have lost track of Camron once or twice). After enjoying some airport food we embarked for Seoul, South Korea. Wearing our matching Anthem “Behold” shirts, we
are reminding ourselves to be expectant for all of the miraculous and incredible things God has in store this trip! After Seoul we flew to Cambodia, being welcomed by Pastors Tim and Dhana Wimberly and the lively city of Pnomh Penh. Staying the night at Hotel Cara for the next few nights, we are excited for church service at FCOP tomorrow and all that God has in store for us this next couple of weeks! Stay tuned for more updates.