Pushing Through

Another full day of working with cement, and it’s had its effect on the team. Although we were generally more tired and sore today, some good weather and encouragement from each other kept us going!

Our relationships with the kids have grown too. Everyone has a kid close by our sides for most of the day. With soccer, volleyball, and music bringing us together, every day is more fun!

As usual, the kids could not have been more helpful. Some got waters for us, some carried tools, and some carried buckets. It's amazing to see the ownership they take of their home!

Plenty of work got done! We finished laying the foundations for the fence as well as digging the base for a wall for the front. Thanks to the shoveling skills of Cody (with some help from everyone else) the day went smoothly. In particular two kids named Polim and Ren went out of their way to assist us with everything we did!

With some dinner and verbal high fives (shout outs), we are back at the guest house getting rest to keep up the work tomorrow. Check the page tomorrow for more updates!