Learning The Land

A trip to the Phnom Penh Genocide museum took up most of yesterday afternoon. For those of you who don't know, the nation of Cambodia experienced a civil war and genocide in the 1970s that the nation is still recovering from. The museum we visited was a high school turned prison and interrogation facility by the Khmer Rouge. As we walked through we stood in cells that had been used as torture chambers and small classrooms that had been used for mass detention. We left with a better understanding of the nation's history and wounds.

The day ended at the Wimberly house. We sat around asking the missionaries questions about their life and work here, and kept each other awake as we adjusted to the 14 hour time difference. Sam Tolle also showed us pictures and videos from his phone including the baptism of our bus driver Pirom which occured in January.

Today is our first "work day." We are about to board our bus and ride out to a home called "Jaw," to introduce ourselves, assess its needs, and get to work.