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Good Morning!

We're all gathered around a long breakfast table at our hotel in Phnom Penh. It's the first time since boarding in Seattle that we have all been able to sit down and converse face to face.

Our first flight was a long thirteen hour cruise up the west coast of Canada, along the Aleutian Islands, down Asia's East coast, and finally into Incheon, a port right outside of Seoul, South Korea. If you asked any one of us what they thought of Korea they would say "I don't know, it was mostly a blur." Our connecting flight was scheduled to take off just half an hour after our first flight landed! We sprinted through the airport in three minutes, escorted by a very athletic flight attendant who put us all to shame in terms of speed.

Compared to the first flight, the second one into Phnom Penh was rather uneventful. However, once we landed in Cambodia, you could tangibly feel the excitement. People who had been on this trip before couldn't wipe the grins off their faces. We passed through customs without a hassle and discovered that we need to wait one day for our suitcases to catch up with us. Thankfully, we have enough supplies in our carry ons to last us, and a nearby convenience store to fill in the gaps.

Sam Tolle and Pastors Tim and Dhana Wimberly greeted us right outside the door and saw us to our hotel after greeted us all with handshakes and hugs. Checking in went smoothly, and at 1:00 a.m. following 24 hours of continuous transit, sleep came easy.

Today we're looking forward to church, lunch at Steve's Steakhouse with Ted Olbrich, a museum tour, and more.