We're sitting here at gate S11 in Sea-Tac waiting to board our first flight into Seoul Korea in just half an hour. Most of us are restless, making last minute preparations, double checking our boarding passes and making sure that we didn't forget our travel pillows.

We started the day at 9:00 a.m. in the Living Water Sanctuary for some worship and prayer time. There was an electric atmosphere as people prayed for one another, and gave prophetic words. After that, we all got together for last minute logsitics and prayer. Unity was at an all time high.

Our shuttle ride up went quickly. When everyone was asked how they were feeling, the most common response was "excited!" More than half of us have been to Cambodia before and can't wait to make the return, while the rest of us are taking everything in with wide eyes. We made it through check-in and security with no hiccups (except a random backpack search) and got to spend a leisurely hour shopping and enjoying a final bite of American food. Spirits are high.