Finishing Touches

Yesterday we finished pouring cement for all of our posts. Overall we finished 79 posts which has been incredibly fast.

It was probably the hottest and driest of all. You would work for ten minutes and then spend 10-20 minutes in the shade. Still, things moved quickly because we worked out a system and everyone knew their place in it. At the end of the day we made a long assembly line to pass buckets of cement to the last few poles and got to celebrate as our team coordinator Khemera poured in the last bucket.

We finished early, which means we got extra time to play with all the kids. We broke out the Play Doh and coloring books, took instant print polaroid pictures that they could keep, and showed them pictures from our phones. We also got to spend a half hour cleaning up the property from garbage. We even had the children follow us during this time so they could learn how to take care of their home when we are gone.

Today we get to take the kids to the market, give them prophetic words with an interpreter, and have a feast at their home!

We are incredibly encouraged by all the Lord has done in and through our team and the trip is only halfway over! It is a daily reminder that He will continue to do IMMEASURABLY more than we could ever imagine if we choose to be obedient to where He leads.