Changing Generations

We managed to get done with 38 posts today, exceeding our goal by 3!

Today was more hot and dry than previous days, and our team felt it. We took more frequent breaks, and broke out the aloe vera for sunburns. We're starting to feel the strain after three continual days of work, but we're also enjoying ourselves more as we have our jobs figured out and our relationships with the kids are flourishing.

Today we got the test results back for the children and found out that none of them have Hepatitis B! We also finished vaccinating them, which means that they are safe from the disease. And not only that, but because Hepatitis B is generally inherited, the children of our children are safe too. The work we're doing here is literally changing generations.

We want to highlight a girl at the home named Srey Phea (pictured below). She was born with Down Syndrome, and then when her mother died a couple years ago, her father abandoned her to start a new family. In this culture it is generally believed that a child born with any defect is actually cursed, so nobody would take her except Jaw. She understandably has a hard time with people. The first day we came to the home she hid in her room the entire time. On day 2 she interacted with us some. There was breakthrough on day 3 as we got her out of her room and dancing along to the songs on our speaker. Now on day 4 she interacts with and plays with everyone. Despite so much adversity in her life, she has the most joy out of everyone here.