The Answer is in the Blood

Our second full work day is in the books.

We spent almost all of the work doing concrete again. The first half of the day we made concrete for the fence posts. This was even more of a process because our piles had to be twice as big, and we had to mix them by hand rather than pouring them into a hole along with water. Still, we managed to fill 23 posts with concrete, which is excellent for a team our size.

Today, if you saw us with the kids you would not believe that we met them all just two days ago. We play games, pull pranks and do piggy back rides. We also got to play musical chairs with the kids, which they absolutely loved!

Yesterday was a big day for the kids, as they got blood drawn to check for different illnesses, such as hepatitis. This is a big deal and very important. When the medical team is aware of it, they can take the right precautions for those who have it and vaccinate those who don't. A common phrase on this topic is, "the answer is in the blood." They don't take this lightly, and it was very encouraging to see how much the Cambodian team cares for these kids!

We're starting to get into the rythm of things as a team. One special thing we do every dinner are "verbal high fives," where anyone can stand up and point out something positive someone did that day. The first night we did it there was some participation, but now there are dozens of shoutouts every time.

Today, we have 35 more posts to fill, which is hard but possible. It's going to be a good day.