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We've got to stop in Pursat!

The team left Phnom Penh early this morning, and we headed north!
As I have mentioned, our destination is the Battambang Province, where we will spend a majority of our trip building a fence and helping with other projects. However, to get there we have to pass through Pursat, a province that is home to Prek Bey, a church-orphan home that Living Water sponsors.

So after a 6 hour bus ride from Phnom Penh to Pursat, we paid a visit to some very special people. 

It wasn't before long that we became inseparable. 

There was non-stop fun with the children at Prek Bey. There might have even been a spontaneous dance party...

We spent our last minutes praying, embracing one another, and saying our goodbye's. 

My hope is that these photos would be able to tell the story better than any words ever could. But also, that they would be used to show God's heart for Cambodia and its people.

Tomorrow we leave for Battambang and it's time to get to work!
Stay tuned.