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Can it be?! Sna Songkream?!

Yesterday feels very much like a dream.

Our excitement grew as we passed familiar streets. Before we knew it, we were at Sna Songkream! This home is very close to the hearts of last years Anthem class. Last year we spent 5 days building a fence here and grew really close to the kids. I don't think any of us could have anticipated what it would be like to return to this home.

We spent the afternoon as what felt like a family reunion. Many kids from the village came to see what all the excitement about. The team worked together to clean, cut, and style the kids hair. They loved it! It was awesome to see the joy the students had while serving them in such a simple way. 

There was much rejoicing as we prayed together and said our goodbye's.

Today we depart from Siem Reap and head south to Phnom Penh. The 8 hour bus ride ahead will be great time for the team to process all of the incredible moments we've shared this past week.

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