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There is power in the name of Jesus!

It's Sunday morning here in Battambang and we are headed to church at Our Kcheay.
Today we'll have a time of prayer with the kids, and say our goodbye's.

Yesterday had to of been one of the most powerful days of the trip so far. We began the day with worship as usual, but Pastor Dhana was obedient in sharing a word that led to breakthrough for many of the people on the trip. Chains were broken in Jesus name! 

We also took the kids to the market yesterday! There really is nothing quite like this experience. All of the kids were so excited to be hand in hand with us as we got to buy them essentials, like a backpack, shirts for school, or new flip-flops. We also had the opportunity to purchase some things for the home as a whole, like new chairs, a water pump, and other necessities.

Dr. Lina and his team paid us another visit and gave the kids vaccinations! This is a game-changer for the rest of their lives! Some of their expressions were priceless.

This evening we travel north to Chuuk. Stay tuned!

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