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For 20 years Anthem has been training up men and women to find their anthem and be leaders wherever God sends them. The goal of the program is to set young leaders on the path of success for the rest of their lives. Success means understanding who Jesus is and what He teaches (head), to know the love of God in Jesus and be able to share that love with others (heart), and finally to have the skills to make this world a better place wherever God calls them (hands). The program is run out of the Church of Living Water by my wife and I, with the help of our admin Jenn Montes. If you are a young adult ages 18-25, apply today and see what God could do through you and in you over the next 2 years. 


Directors / Steven & Jessica Mulkey 




Anthem at Living Water is a leadership development program designed to empower and instruct young adults who are passionate about following Jesus. Anthem is geared towards students ages 18-25. Students wholeheartedly pursue God’s call on their life through discovering lives of meaning and ministry. 

Anthem is a full-time, 2-year program (following the school calendar year) where students are immersed into three pools of learning: hands-on training, curricular studies, and personal discipleship.

Students serve part-time at Living Water and grow exponentially in their understanding of God, themselves, and others. They deepen their knowledge and understanding of the Word of God, develop disciplines in both personal and public arenas of life, and gain confidence in God’s unique call on their life. At the end of the year, Anthem students and interns go on a mission trip either nationally or internationally. 

Starting Fall of 2018, Anthem School of Ministry will be partnering with Northwest University. What does this mean? It means that students who choose to enroll in Anthem will have the opportunity to take accredited classes through Northwest University while in Anthem! Depending on how many college credits students have before enrollment, they will be able to obtain either one of two Associates degrees, or one of four Bachelors degrees. 

One thing that sets Anthem apart from other discipleship programs is its focus on the local church. We have been called to develop young ministry leaders who will be able to serve the Lord faithfully and fruitfully in local church settings. 



Anthem with Northwest University


Anthem Deposit (due by July 31st)  -  $1,000

Northwest University Tuition  -  $9,752

Total Cost  -  $10,752


Anthem with a Community College


Anthem Deposit (due by July 31st)  -  $1,000

Anthem Tuition  -  $2,600 (Community College cost not included)

Total Cost  -  $3,600


Anthem Flex

(25+ or Alumni)

Northwest University Tuition  - $9.752


Northwest University Tuition is fully eligible for FAFSA and financial aid. Click here to file for FAFSA